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About Us

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Galactrix Technologies was created with the goal of creating a network of freelancers, and organisations - the "GX Faction" - with the aim of creating what we like to call "insourcing".

A new way to do business

Galactrix Technologies is a new way of doing business. We provide an array of services including design, digital marketing, app development, and network administration. Instead of hiring a firm that does all these things, Galactrix Technologies allows you to hire specialists who excel in their field. In doing so we can offer our services at a fraction of the cost while still providing high-quality work.

A place for young professionals

We want to empower young professionals. Our goal is to create opportunities for them by providing them with freelance work that suits their skillset. So, if you're looking for your first job or just want some extra cash on the side, come join us!

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We're building a profitable, global network of freelancers and organisations.

A growing network.
We have over 50 talented freelancing professionals in our global network. And that number is growing as we continue to build partnerships with individuals and organisations.
An open marketplace.
You can find any type of skilled professional you need, from graphic design to social media marketing, and everything in between - all in one place!
A community for young professionals.
We give youth a chance to shine and learn new skills! Freelancers are invited to join the GxFaction for free, gaining access to valuable knowledge and resources, as well as opportunities for bettering their careers.

Our Extraordinary & Talented Team

Bamidele Popoola
CTO & Co-founder
Christopher Gray
COO & Co-founder
Monika Nguyenova
Marketing Consultant
Eseoghene Odudu
Cyber Security Consultant
Lydia Spence
Graphics & Web. Designer
Akolade Ogundipe
Media & Communications Officer
Emmanuel Oyelakin
Software Developer
Temilola Baruwa
Graphic Designer